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This is the personal web site of Michael Zammuto, president of Brand.com. The Brand.com platform helps reporters to cut through the press release clutter to get access only to 100% newsworthy topics and sources while maintaining editorial control. Publishers benefit by getting access to audience building traffic that can be monetized through ad revenue or by receiving underwriting fees for the article and without having to accept content marketing or native advertising content that won’t appeal to their audiences. Brands can pitch the media directly and avoid PR retainers paying instead only for live articles. If you are interested in Brand.com please visit our site for more information. Media inquiries can be made through an email on the Brand.com Press Resources Page and there is a brief biography of me there. You can connect with me through Brand.com or LinkedIn or Twitter and the most comprehensive biographical information about me is on Completed.com which is Brand.com's detailed social media and profile site.

My goal is to work with great people and build great companies that make a difference. Before joining Brand.com I was the Chief Operating Officer of ChaCha which we grew into the 40 busiest website in the world. I was CEO of Sapago, an award winning mobile technology startup. Before Quick Response code (QR) smart phone mobile applications, our wireless, multimedia solutions enabled retail organizations to provide consumers mobile access to shared product information, opinions and suggestions. I was COO of Ontario Systems and held VP and C-level roles at LawCommerce.com, Visual Fire and Ecometry Corporation which became Escalate Retail and was acquired by Red Prairie. I also was in Microsoft's Server & Tools product development organization in Redmond. I have been fortunate to build experience across a range of business models and technologies and to work with startups, high growth companies and in the Fortune 100. I enjoy general, sales and financial management, new product development and organizational leadership. I am very interested in operating models. Things that work for 10 person startup don't work at a 50, 100 or 1000 person organization and I enjoy the challenge of constant reinvention and growth required to grow a company through many developmental stages.

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